Ludum Dare 23

Requires Java

I wrote this game in 48 hours for my first Ludum Dare ever over the weekend of April 20th, 2012. The theme was "tiny world" and I chose to do that by limiting the size of the world. As you might expect it didn't get very high scores which you can see on the Ludum Dare project page. I got 885th out of 1072 over-all so not that bad of a go.

During the competition, I kept up live builds with a page that updated every time I compiled in eclipse, and I livestreamed the entire 48 hours at I didn't get as many viewers as Notch did when he streamed but I like having the video archive of everything I did. As a final note, I probably won't be touching it again and it is open source so you can grab the code here. At least I can re-use the graphics code.