Android Developer Console - Hide Apps

Back in July I got tired of looking at old apps on the Android Developer Console. You see, the console doesn't allow you to remove unpublished apps, probably for good reason, but I just didn't want to see my old app anymore. So I got to writing my first userscript. I quickly realized that, because of weird things the developer console site does, writing the script so it runs on page load wasn't going to work. Since I don't have much experience with javascript, I decided to see if there were other userscripts for the developer console site to see what they did.

There was one, which I found here. Even though it had the source code available, it wasn't marked as open source so I decided to email the developer and he replied saying I could use his code. After that, it was just a few minor adjustments to the site and figuring out how to store data with userscripts. A few hours later I had a working improvement to the Android Developer Console.

You can find the script here