Ok, so the name isn’t very imaginative. It’s not like the game is very polished or anything though.

I made this because I started to write a test case for Ep1c G4m3 (I couldn’t get the rotating gun-arm to rotate) and I ended up making it into a simple little game. The source can be found here.

The next release of Ep1c G4m3 should come as soon as I have some art for it. I’ll probably be able to add this rotation code and create an enemy before the art thing happens. I’ll go ahead and say version 0.5a will be out by October.

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Ep1c G4m3 - Version 0.1a

Link: Ep1c G4m3 - Version 0.1a

This is the first executable release for Ep1c G4m3. The player doesn’t actually have any graphics, just filler colors. But the main engine works, it probably needs some optimization though.

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Right now I’m working on two projects. Of the two I’ve been working on Ep1c G4m3 a lot more. It is going to be a tile based platformer/shooter. I’ve gotten most of the engine done. A friend of mine from school is helping me with the story and game design he might also do some graphics. For example: he thought of the name and parody concept. I just said I want to build a platformer/shooter. However, I will be writing most, if not all, of the code.

The second project is Slipstream, which I have now decided is not going to be open source because I’d like to sell it. I might release a few more demos though.

I haven’t done a lot of work on Slipstream lately and as you can see from the latest demo, it’s not very playable right now. But, I’ve thought of a new way to do controls. Before I release another demo I want to make the ship and asteroids smaller, change the controls, and make the play area larger.

I need to look at some other apps in the market to see the difference between the free and paid versions. I really don’t want to do advertisement, my plan is to find a feature to implement only in the paid version.

When I get these projects done, I’m going to look into working on some existing open source projects. It will be a lot more rewarding to write code that people will actually read and use.

In other news, when planning Ep1c G4m3, my friend and I came upon the name “Voracious Softworks.” I like it, and if one were to click the “Android Apps” link you would see I’ve changed my company on my Android developer account to the new name. Also, there are references to it in the source code for Ep1c G4m3, both in the copyright notice at the top of each class file and in the package names.

It isn’t an official business or anything because I don’t actually make any money and I’m not even 18 yet. No one register the domain, ok?

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Link: GUITester

I wrote this in APCS last year. Recently in ##java on, someone wanted a terminal emulator and that reminded me of this. I gave it to them (The previous version in pastebin is what I gave them), so I thought I would publish it here too.

After I decided to publish it here I made a few changes and added documentation so it will be more useful to anyone who wants it.

It’s purpose is to make it easier to test functions of an application. In class we would have a tester class that would need to be re-compiled every time we wanted to change a value that was being sent to a function. I didn’t want to re-compile every time. So, I wrote this. In the documentation for the class I wrote “This class is a termal emulator front end for text based applications. It is meant to be exteded. It can be used to run functions with different arguments, without having to recompile a test class or running an application many times through the terminal.”

Now it’s published under the MIT Open Source License. The license text can be found here and at the top of the source code.

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Updated NowPlaying for linux

Link: Updated NowPlaying for linux

I’ve edited my skype mood setting script. Now it gets the now playing info from banshee and if the script quits or you press pause it changes your mood to reflect that you’re not playing music.

EDIT: Changed the link to be the same code, except it is now linked on pastebin as an update to the previous version.

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CAN-WILD Android Application

Link: CAN-WILD Android Application

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Arduino Clock

The mess of wires you’re looking at is a clock. I made it! It’s and Arduino running through each digit very quickly and setting it’s data with the shift register. The time is set by pressing the buttons on the smaller breadboard, one increments the hour and the other increments the minutes. I wanted to learn how to drive that display and use a shift register so I made this and I though I’d post it here.

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Fish RPG

In addition to Slipstream I’m now working on another game that will be called “Fish RPG.” That pretty much sums up how far I’ve gotten with the story too. One of my friends will be doing the graphics for Fish RPG since I can’t draw and this one will take more than simple shapes. I’ll be doing all the programming though.

As for Slipstream, it should be done before the end of June. All I really have to do is make it look better and add a title screen. Of course I also have to fix any bugs that show up and make it more–playable. Not like anyone wanted it or anything but version 0.01a is gone now, mediafire deleted it.

EDIT: This was a dumb idea, it was basically a joke from the start. I won’t be completing it.

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Slipstream 0.5b

Link: Slipstream 0.5b

Apparently mediafire deletes files, so I’ll be using dropbox now.

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Now Playing -- Skype for Linux

I wrote a script to post the currently playing song in rhythmbox to your mood in Skype. I wrote it because AMIP doesn’t work for linux. You can find it Here I wrote everything but the SkypeApi package which was written by “jlh at gmx dot ch” I’ve left all of his comments. I declare mine part to be public domain as well with the same ‘license’ he had on it originally. That license is “I declare this to be public domain, use it for whatever you like.” Finally the script requires the Net::DBus module to be installed.

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