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LSP v0.8 Released

I finally made the first build of Livestream Processor! And it has a logo made by my friend Antonio Lassandro. The code snapshot is on Github here and the downloads are hosted on Google Code hopefully that will always show the v0.8 downloads, I had to link to a search result. Anyway, right now it's […]

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Livestream Processor

For the last two months I have been spending a lot of time working on a new program called, for lack of a better name, Livestream Processor. The plan is to be able to process video, mostly from livestreams, in a few specific ways. The inspiration comes from my Ludum Dare livestreams, I want to […]

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Ludum Dare 24

Original Post This time I'll be doing the jam though with a friend and fellow computer science major Brandon. I'll be streaming again and I'll do the live builds as well. Follow my progress: Stream Live build Oh and here's what I'll be using to actually make the game: Eclipse/Java 6 SFXR Gimp Dropbox Git […]

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Github, Ep1c G4m3 and ideas

I’ve started to rewrite Ep1c G4m3 because last time I changed the code to comply with a better rendering system I broke everything. I’ve already made a lot of improvements to the current code revision. I’ll do one huge commit once I’ve re-written everything. I wonder if I can import an SVN database into Github. […]

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. So here’s how life has been going. The first quarter of school is almost over now and my prediction was incorrect. I haven’t done any more programming than I did during the summer. I’ll attribute this to homework. I decided to prove to myself that I’m […]

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Link: DON'T DIE Ok, so the name isn’t very imaginative. It’s not like the game is very polished or anything though. I made this because I started to write a test case for Ep1c G4m3 (I couldn’t get the rotating gun-arm to rotate) and I ended up making it into a simple little game. The […]

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Ep1c G4m3 - Version 0.1a

Link: Ep1c G4m3 - Version 0.1a This is the first executable release for Ep1c G4m3. The player doesn’t actually have any graphics, just filler colors. But the main engine works, it probably needs some optimization though.

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Right now I’m working on two projects. Of the two I’ve been working on Ep1c G4m3 a lot more. It is going to be a tile based platformer/shooter. I’ve gotten most of the engine done. A friend of mine from school is helping me with the story and game design he might also do some […]

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Link: GUITester I wrote this in APCS last year. Recently in ##java on, someone wanted a terminal emulator and that reminded me of this. I gave it to them (The previous version in pastebin is what I gave them), so I thought I would publish it here too. After I decided to publish it […]

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Updated NowPlaying for linux

Link: Updated NowPlaying for linux I’ve edited my skype mood setting script. Now it gets the now playing info from banshee and if the script quits or you press pause it changes your mood to reflect that you’re not playing music. EDIT: Changed the link to be the same code, except it is now linked […]

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