Github, Ep1c G4m3 and ideas

I’ve started to rewrite Ep1c G4m3 because last time I changed the code to comply with a better rendering system I broke everything. I’ve already made a lot of improvements to the current code revision. I’ll do one huge commit once I’ve re-written everything. I wonder if I can import an SVN database into Github.

EDIT: You can! All it takes is "git svn clone" thanks again Stack Overflow!

As for Github, I’m no longer going to use Google Code. The git system seems so much better than SVN. It’s more simple and it’s just better in every way. Also I like the design of Github’s site more.

My first idea is for a comprehensive Minecraft mod to better accommodate adventure maps. I’ve never written a Minecraft mod before but it’s Java so I should be fine. This will defiantly be open source and on Github. Anyway, here’s the design document I have so far.

Adventure; Minecraft Mod

    - Maps will be distributed as zip files containing notes, NPC files, the map file and the texture pack.
    - Tracks objectives using the achievement pop-ups
    - Adds an objective dialog box
    - Uses World edit region selections to display notes or complete/add objectives in game
    - Adds an adventure world type.
    - Saves the world in the distributed form so it can be redone.
    - Useful NPCs
    - World Edit only used for creating maps
    - Allow selecting types of mob spawners in game
    - Locked doors/chests and keys
    - NPC control
        - Can choose type (Testificate or human)
        - Can choose NPC skins
        - Create patrol paths
        - Set as hostile or pasive
        - Set name
        - Players can speak to npcs by right clicking.
            - Dialog paths defined in a text file (includes objective and item checking)
            - Dialog options can give or take items and create or complete objectives.

    Client Mod:
       - New dialog boxes for objective notifications and for notes
       - New key to open the objectives list
       - NPC Dialog
       - Locked chests/doors keys (New blocks (Just data value changes?) and item)
       - Store objectives
       - Load from distributed zip
       - Show distributed zip on the maps list with a new game type “Adventure”
       - Add a restart button to the maps list which will be grayed out for everything but adventure maps

    Server Mod:
       - Players share objectives and both will see and can choose options in dialog with NPCs
       - NPCs do not respod to player-typed messages
       - Warns on wrong number of players but will allow it
       - Restarting map is a server command
       - Uses the same load procedure as the client mod
       - Warns if clients don’t have the mod
       - Same NPC controls

       - In the server config file specify adventure map loading with “a:filename” no .zip (Hopefully bukkit will allow me to do this)

The second is a data collection app for Android. I don’t know about the price of this one. If it’s free it’ll be open source though. Maybe a free version without line of best fit, calculated columns or graph display widget? How do you feel about optional ads? Anyway here’s my design document.

Data; Android App

    - Price: TBD

    - Displays an axis
    - Displays a table
    - Uses sql lite
    - db import and export for backup
    - Several different data sets can be saved and loaded under different names (Either dropdown box or in menu)
    - Tables:
        - Set title and units
        - Allows multiple columns of data
        - Allow calculated colums (Data derived for a forumla using data from other columns)
        - Quick entry (A seperate screen to enter another point)
            - Can be configured to allow y-value setting or to just increment y
            - Can be accessed by the widget
            - Can be accessed by tapping the column title
        - Data entry can also be done by scrolling the appropreate cell and tapping it (Cell is a text box)
    - Graph:
        - Displays axis lables and autoscales
        - Axes displayed can be chosen from a list of data columns
        - Can plot a function
        - Can calculate and plot line of best fit
    - Can use the line of best fit to predict a point of future data
    - Widget:
        - Graph display (4x4)
            - Tap to bring up quick column entry
            - Column type entry is configurable at widget addition
            - Long press to re-config
            - Displays a graph of the user’s choosing
        - Quick entry button (1x1)
            - Tap to bring up quick column entry
            - Column type entry is configurable at widget addition
            - Long press to re-config

    - Possable features:
        - PDF export? (I doubt anyone would want this)
        - Sensor data collection
            - Can be done with a background service
                - Collects for a specified amount of time
            - Multiple sensors at once? (ex: gps+wifi)
            - gps
                - Displacement on one axis
                - Velocity?
            - acceleromiter
            - microphone
                - Frequency
                - Loudness
            - Battery temp?
            - Wifi signal strength?
            - Antenna signal strength?
            - Battery percentage?
        - Web server interface?
        - Text message data entry?

I’m super excited about both of these but I have no idea when I’ll have time to get started on either of them. For now, I have to write essays for Miami University’s application; the deadline is Thursday (Nov. 3, 2011)

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